One Step Forward

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Author Bio

Masatoshi Kusakari

In 2003, Masatoshi graduated from Engineering Faculty of Hosei University. In spite of dream or personal intention, he entered a system engineering company and was soon promoted to become team manager. Later, overworking caused panic disorder, which sent him home where he shut out the world.
In 2006, in order to change his life, he set out a round-the-world trip. It was successfully accomplished. After retuning back to Japan, he was once again lost in finding his dream. Finally through volunteer work, he found his destiny in calligraphy writings and became who he is today.
In 2008, Masatoshi entered the hospitality industry for the first time and worked as a manager in a restaurant in Setagaya-district.
In 2009, he started street calligraphy artist work that centered around talks, workshops and events. Through his work he tries to encourage people to believe in their inner potential. He also organizes calligraphy classes throughout Japan and leads his students to find their own uniqueness in writing.

In June 2012 Kusakari decided to move to Ayabe-city in Kyoto with his wife. Now they live in a Japanese traditional farm house and challenge themselves to a self-sustaining lifestyle by growing their own rice and vegetables. His dream is to build his own house as he believes “creation” is the first step towards “freedom”. He now continues to discover his own potential whilst supporting the potential of other people he has met.

Book Description

One Step Forward

Whoever you are, you will experience times of struggle and suffering. Nevertheless, those struggles and sufferings shape who you are today.Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 has taken many lives and countless families were uprooted from their homes. What can we do as an individual? Shortly after the disaster, Kusakari has joined a volunteer group to provide help in affected areas. A year later, he wrote and collected 311 encouraging phrases for the Tsunami victims to restore hope and positivity in their hearts. This booklet is a production of 32 inspirational quotes shared by people who have overcome life crises and is the result of 407 generous contributors. It will be a pleasure to know you have found your quote from the book to move forward with.