WWOOFing In Taiwan

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Zhen-Cheng Yang

Hi everyone, I am Ah-Cheng. I come from Zhong-li city in Taoyuan Prefecture in Taiwan. Studied communication arts at university and now a dreamer living out my dream. I was born and raised in the city. After the compulsory military service, I decided to ride a bike and cruise around the island for a year. This ended up to be a magical journey, which made me experience the fullness of the soil and ever since I could never detach myself from the land again. While my friends were working hard to save up, I was on the road to gain various things that money could not buy. This journey has led me to discover a future that is self-sufficient and closely connected to the land under my feet. Can you fully embrace the land you live on?

In 2013, I have started to learn the traditional building technique -- mortise and tenon and wish to build green houses that could breathe with Mother Nature. I am still on the road to master such knowledge and skill and establishing a sustainable lifestyle.

Book Description

WWOOFing In Taiwan

Speaking of "Room and Board", the first thing that comes to mind is Working Holiday in Australia. However, Ah-Cheng has decided to work for room and boards around Taiwan for a year. He has climbed the mountains; followed hunters to see Swinhoe's Pheasant; diving into the deep blue ocean and experienced various lifestyles. From natural farming, river trekking, rainwater harvesting to build traditional brick oven, Ah-Cheng recorded different landscapes on the island through his unique eyes.

Your dream is a life journey realized through every step you take. The only things you truly own in life are what you have endeavoured and experienced. Ah-Cheng has found friendship and gained encouragement throughout the journey. Through his down-to-earth observations, you will be closer to nature; follow his footprints and experiences, you will find your own "brave heart" to set out a journey of your own. Keep your faith! You can make your dreams come true. Your dreams will bring new discoveries and the discoveries will bring you happiness.