Satellite Life

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Author Bio

Chris Tobias

Following school and early work experiences in Chicago, Chris decided there was more to life than the usual grind and set out to broaden his horizons. He downsized his belongings, collected his senses, and vowed to live life on more creative terms. Having traveled to 28 countries and counting, he has lived in four unique cultures across Asia Pacific region which he now calls home.

Presently he works in the environmental sector, helping to champion good causes and raise awareness of green issues working in public, non-profit, and educational institutions. Satellite Life is his first book, and his other written work has been extensively published on a variety of blogs, magazines, and even carried in mainstream and trade media.

Book Description

Satellite Life

Satellite Life chronicles the reality of a young man’s pan-Asian journey to rediscover purpose. Struggling to encounter the world beyond programmed lifestyles and ladderless careers, he finds solace in the saunas of South Korea, destitution in Japan, hope in the face of a Vietnamese dissident, and solidity in Taiwan. Chris Tobias thoughtfully examines the events that sent him packing and the compounding challenges greeting his exodus from the United States. Readers are bootstrapped along for the penetrating journey through countries and soul fabric alike, meeting characters of all backgrounds, costly mishaps, unlikely romance, and the brilliant revolution of a young person’s life. A compelling effort, it dares anyone reading to unvicariously reenter their life and the surrounding world, leading the way by example.